We are saber enthusiasts first, a business second. Our mission is to bring the enjoyment of sabers to everyone at an affordable cost, without sacrificing quality. We hope that you find both of these here at lightsabers! We started our journey with our first saber in 2019, and decided to make the jump to providing an "elegant weapon from a more civilized age" for all in 2021.

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If by real, you mean the plasma blade powered by the Force, well, no. That’sbecause all that is science fiction. Lightsabers, including BM light sabers from bmlightsabers,function perfectly when it comes to visual and sound effects, but they possess no similarelement to the actual lightsabers in Star Wars whatsoever, except for the overall look andoutside features.2. Does Bmlightsabers Make

Yes, bmlightsabers focuses on providing high-quality lightsabers that qualify for light dueling. We make sure that our lightsabers are sturdy and appropriate for both cosplay and fighting.

The prices of bmlightsabers vary from product to product, depending on their available features and the complexity of technology involved. Explore our website further to get an idea about the prices of our lightsabers.

We keep it simple, YES; Rey lightsabers from bmlightsabers are superior. They are famous for their premium sound effects and super bright blades containing Rey LED strips. They are more durable and have much better build quality compared to standard RGB lightsabers.

A double-bladed lightsaber, sometimes called a staff lightsaber, has a blade that extends from the hilt on both ends.
It provides a unique and versatile fighting style, and several bmlightsabers models offer this option.

A Neopixel lightsaber from bmlightsabers is more complex in its build with heavier electronics than an ordinary RGB lightsaber. The Darth Maul lightsaber, being a specific design, may differ in hilt style, but Neopixel lightsabers generally offer a more realistic look, different special visual and sound effects in the blade and hilt, and cost more to build or buy than standard RGB lightsabers.

Bmlightsabers focuses on providing high-quality lightsabers that would qualify for either cosplay purposes or light dueling. Our lightsaber prices are low, and we guarantee that our sabers are affordable and totally worth the buy.

We do not explicitly mention the availability of a Darth Vader Force FX lightsaber in the provided FAQs. You may want to check the specific product listings on our bmlightsabers website or contact our customer service for information on available lightsaber models.

It is recommended to check the shipping policies on our bmlightsabers website or contact our customer service for accurate information regarding the delivery timeline.

Yes, RGB lightsabers from bmlightsabers have LEDs. However, the RGB blade has more LEDs per given area, providing a more illuminative and visually dynamic experience compared to standard RGB lightsabers.

The sample FAQs do not explicitly mention a Darth Vader Neopixel Lightsaber. To get specific information about available lightsaber models, it is recommended to check the product listings on our bmlightsabers website or contact our customer service for details.

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