Empty Lightsaber Hilt

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Showing 1 - 24 of 161 products
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Obi-Wan Kenobi EP1 (Empty Hilt)Obi-Wan Kenobi EP1 (Empty Hilt)
Obi-Wan Kenobi EP1 (Empty Hilt)
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Starkiller (Exposed Crystal) (Empty Hilt)Starkiller (Exposed Crystal) (Empty Hilt)
Starkiller (Exposed Crystal) (Empty Hilt)
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Darksaber V2 (Empty Hilt)Darksaber V2 (Empty Hilt)
Darksaber V2 (Empty Hilt)
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Feldr (Empty Hilt)Feldr (Empty Hilt)
Feldr (Empty Hilt)
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Windu (Empty Hilt)Windu (Empty Hilt)
Windu (Empty Hilt)
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Ignite (Empty Hilt)Ignite (Empty Hilt)
Ignite (Empty Hilt)
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Yoda (Empty Hilt)Yoda (Empty Hilt)
Yoda (Empty Hilt)
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Argo Pax (Empty Hilt)Argo Pax (Empty Hilt)
Argo Pax (Empty Hilt)
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Darth (Empty Hilt)Darth (Empty Hilt)
Darth (Empty Hilt)
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Aries (Empty Hilt)Aries (Empty Hilt)
Aries (Empty Hilt)
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Darth Talon Lightsaber - Printed DIYDarth Talon Lightsaber - Printed DIY
Darth Talon Lightsaber - Printed DIY
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Darth Talon - 3D Printed Lightsaber - FinishedDarth Talon - 3D Printed Lightsaber - Finished
Darth Talon - 3D Printed Lightsaber - Finished
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Imperial Knight - Printed DIYImperial Knight - Printed DIY
Imperial Knight - Printed DIY
Sale price$31.74 Regular price$41.21
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Narsil - Printed DIYNarsil - Printed DIY
Narsil - Printed DIY
Sale price$76.09 Regular price$98.91
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Imperial Knight - 3D Printed - FinishedImperial Knight - 3D Printed - Finished
Imperial Knight - 3D Printed - Finished
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Vini - Etched Scrollwork (Empty Hilt)Vini - Etched Scrollwork (Empty Hilt)
Vini - Etched Scrollwork (Empty Hilt)
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Vini (Empty Hilt)Vini (Empty Hilt)
Vini (Empty Hilt)
Sale price$88.77 Regular price$91.00
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Valkyrie (Empty Hilt)Valkyrie (Empty Hilt)
Valkyrie (Empty Hilt)
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Ulan (Empty Hilt)Ulan (Empty Hilt)
Ulan (Empty Hilt)
Sale price$69.75 Regular price$71.50
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Triton (Empty Hilt)Triton (Empty Hilt)
Triton (Empty Hilt)
Sale price$147.10 Regular price$150.80
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Thoosa (Empty Hilt)Thoosa (Empty Hilt)
Thoosa (Empty Hilt)
Sale price$63.41 Regular price$82.43
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Theros (Empty Hilt)Theros (Empty Hilt)
Theros (Empty Hilt)
Sale price$147.10 Regular price$150.80
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Templar (Empty Hilt)Templar (Empty Hilt)
Templar (Empty Hilt)
Sale price$107.79 Regular price$110.50
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Tavros - Etched Viking III (Empty Hilt)Tavros - Etched Viking III (Empty Hilt)
Tavros - Etched Viking III (Empty Hilt)
Sale price$366.48 Regular price$476.43


The grip or handle portion of a lightsaber is called the hilt. It contains the internal parts, such as the activation switch, focusing crystal, and power supply. The hilt is a crucial part of a lightsaber since it provides a firm grip for the user.

Lightsaber hilts are typically composed of strong metals, such as aluminum, that are appropriate for use in airplanes. The choice of materials increases the strength and longevity of the hilt.. Certain materials are selected over others because they can endure the strains of lightsaber fighting, such as alloys or strengthened metals.

No, the characteristics, dimensions, and designs of empty lightsaber hilts can differ. A variety of styles are offered by various manufacturers and vendors, giving consumers the opportunity to select a hilt that best fits their tastes and demands for modification.

Empty lightsaber hilts are nevertheless useful as props for light sparring, cosplay, and displays even though they are devoid of the energy blade. They aren't meant to be used for hard dueling, though, because they don't have the blade or internal parts that give a fight its structure.

Certain empty lightsaber hilts might have unique characteristics like detachable pieces, sound effect modules, or modifiable portions. These features allow users to customize their lightsaber while also improving the hilt's appearance and functionality.

This is possible with many empty blade hilts. To make a customized lightsaber, users can add their own electronics, sound modules, and aesthetic changes. This enables a customized experience depending on your choices.

There are several places to buy empty lightsaber hilts: specialty lightsaber shops, producers of custom sabers, and internet sites that serve the lightsaber enthusiast community. Reputable vendors frequently provide customization choices to accommodate individuals' unique preferences.