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Count Dooku - Combat SaberCount Dooku - Combat Saber
Count Dooku - Combat Saber
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Jedi Dooku - Combat SaberJedi Dooku - Combat Saber
Jedi Dooku - Combat Saber
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The curved-hilt Dooku lightsaber is Count Dooku's signature weapon in Star Wars. Its distinctive design, enticing look, and link with the malevolent Sith Lord make it alluring.

The Dooku lightsaber has a curved hilt that makes it comfortable to hold. Its unique design gives it a unique look and handling.

Yes, a variety of authorized Star Wars product outlets and internet businesses sell copies of the Dooku lightsaber.

Dooku lightsaber reproductions are made of plastic and metal, often with LED lighting and sound effects, to match the movies' lightsabers.

Certain reproductions may include extra features like
detachable blades, belt clips, or exhibition stands, depending on the maker.

Although most replicas are made for exhibition, others are made with the intention of engaging in dueling; these have strengthened construction that can survive mild to moderate fighting.

From time to time, certain stores or campaigns may provide limited-edition or special-edition versions of the Dooku lightsaber.

The blade's length varies according to the particular copy, although it usually falls between 30 and 36 inches.

To personalize the lightsaber to a customer's liking, several stores provide customization choices like engraving or choosing alternative colors and materials for the blade.

A Dooku lightsaber replica's cost may vary depending on its components, features, and level of workmanship, but in general, premium collector models cost $200 or more.