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Ezra Bridger - Combat SaberEzra Bridger - Combat Saber
Ezra Bridger - Combat Saber
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The Ezra lightsaber's hilt and blade are usually made of metal or polycarbonate for realism and durability.

Yes, many reproductions have activation, hum, and clash noises, improving the immersive sensation of wielding a lightsaber.

Some Ezra lightsaber reproductions include removable blades for storage or personalization. This functionality may not be on all models.

The blade length of reproductions, like other lightsabers, ranges from thirty to thirty-six inches.

Some Ezra lightsaber reproductions are made for exhibition, but others are hardened to resist mild battling, making them acceptable for display and light combat.

Most Ezra lightsaber reproductions need batteries to power the sound effects and LED illumination. Model-specific batteries may be needed.

Usually, the Ezra lightsaber blade color cannot be changed. Aftermarket tweaks may allow some adjustments.

Similar to previous lightsabers, the Ezra blade uses LED illumination to provide a brilliant and realistic blade look.

Most Ezra lightsaber reproductions have fixed blade lengths, however some may be customized.

Inspired by Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels, the Ezra lightsaber boasts a distinctive design. Ezra's personal weapon is reflected in its slanted emitter and ornate hilt.