Block - Combat Saber

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Core: Standard
Blade Length: 92cm (36")
Colour: Black
Sale price$248.86 Regular price$254.80


  • Hilt
  • Polycarbonate Blade
  • Battery (Installed)
  • USB Charging Cable (Or external battery charger depending on hilt)
  • Allen Key and Fixing Screws
  • USB Card Reader (For Eco/Xenopixel V2 Sabers)
  • Metal Spacers (On Selected Hilts Only)
  • Spare Switch Board (On Selected Premium Hilts Only)
  • Instructions Card (QR Code)

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Standard (Xeno3 RGB)

Eco Pixel (Xeno3 Pixel)

GHv3 / Proffie


Standard Hollow

LED Pixel

LED Pixel

Volume Control

Duel Ready

✓   (Heavy)



Flash on Clash

Sound Fonts

 9 Fonts



Blaster Deflection


Colour Change

Smooth Swing





Motion Controls

Customisable Sounds

Customisable Motion Controls

Smooth Saber Ignition


Customisable Pixel Length


Various Blade Ignition


Various Blade Styles


Customisable Blade Ignition



Customisable Blade Styles



Customise on the go



✓ (GHv3 Only)

Full Customisation



Bluetooth App


Weathering, Etching and Battle Scarring

We have the option for your sabers to be weathered, etched or battle scarred.

For the weathering, this means that we take your hilt and make it look like it has had long exposure to the atmosphere, giving it a worn, run down look and a battle used kind of look.

With etching we add a stencil in the design you choose to protect your hilt and then use acid to remove the reamining metal giving a 3D textured pattern on your saber.

Battle scarring requires us to make cuts and gouges to your hilt to make it look like it has been used in combat and been hit by another saber.

Each process requires us to either sand parts of the hilt, add marks, scratches, dents or other battle like scars or by adding paints or chemicals to adjust the look of feel of the hilt.

This is very labour intensive and can extend the lead time and increase the cost of the saber. It can take up to 2 weeks to get your saber customised - this is on top of the normal 2 week production time for the parts, core and assembly of everything.

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