We have the ability to add battle scarring on all sabers. Battle scarring is an effect that makes the saber look like it has been used in battle, creating deep scratches and gouges to represent being hit in fights.

This process requires us to use cutting tools to cut away at parts of the saber. We use hand tools and machines to take parts off the saber or cut into parts of the hilt. We can do this to the emitter which can allow light from the blade to shine through, or other sections such as the handle and pommel.

This process is very labour intensive, just like our weathering and etching and can extend the lead time and increase the cost of the saber. It can take up to 2 weeks to get your saber customised - this is on top of the normal 2 week production time for the parts, core and assembly of everything.

All battle scarring is done by Tom from TS Creations. His work is remarkable and this can be seen in all the photos we post on our social medial.

There are a few options available, light, medium and heavy battle scarring. Below are some examples of each.


Here is an example of battle scarring on the emitter on one of our thin neck models. This is deep enough to allow some light to come through from the blade when the saber is ignited.


Light scarring is the markings on one section of the saber. Medium scarring is in two locations such as the emitter and handle. Heavy scarring is in three locations.

To add battle scarring to your saber then please select the option when ordering. Prices are all reflected on the product page and all customisation jobs are unique so will not be exactly identical to any other photos shown. Each saber is done on a job by job basis and all done by hand (with the assistance of some electrical tools for getting those battle scars, dents, cuts and scratches created where appropriate).

Due to battle scarring being a customised job, taylored specifically for you, then there are some changes to returns on these sabers. Once we have started to work on your saber you would be unable to request a refund. Please see more information on our returns policy page about this.